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This is the beta site for the new United States One-Place Study Register

which is now scheduled to go live on Monday April 27 2015

In the meantime please visit our existing United States pages

A dedicated Register webpage will be set up for your study place.

You should register the primary place being studied, typically a township or village, and list any smaller communities within that township area as sub-places. All sub-places in your study area will be included in the master register with links to your dedicated webpage.

From June 2015, we will only accept applications to register whole counties where it is clear considerable progress has already been made in studying a significant number of its towns and villages and the project has the capacity necessary to do a county-wide study.  

Please complete the information below as fully as possible:

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State / Code

In ‘Sub-Places’ you can list any villages or communities etc. which are within your study area

If you select a dummy register address with auto-forward, any emails sent to [yourplace]@oneplacestudy.org will automatically be forwarded on to your own email address without disclosing it

To add a study, please complete the following form as fully as possible and click on ‘Submit’.

Studies are normally added to the Register within 24 hours of submission.

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