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Bainbridge, Geauga Co, OH

Bear Grove, Fayette Co, IL

Beaverdam, Allen Co, OH

Belle, Seminole Co, OK

Belle Glade, Palm Beach Co, FL

Belle Meade, Davidson Co, TN

Belmont, Nye Co, NV

Benton, Yates Co, NY

Benton Township, Yates Co, NY

Berlin Crossroads, Jackson Co, OH

Berne, Adams Co, IN

Berne, Albany Co, NY

Berry Hill, Davidson Co, TN

Beruit, Seminole Co, OK

Bethlehem, Clark Co, IN

Between the Rivers, Lyon Co, KY

Between the Rivers, Trigg Co, KY

Between the Rivers, Stewart Co, TN

Places registered in the United States beginning with the letter B:

Big Black Creek, Perry Co, MS

Bingham, Fayette Co, IL

Bleidt, Trigg Co, KY

Blue Spring, Stewart Co, TN

Blue Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier Co, WV

Bluffton, Allen Co, OH

Bonham, Fannin Co, TX

Bonhomie, Perry Co, MS

Bowlegs, Seminole Co, OK

Bowling Green, Fayette Co, IL

Bradford, Gibson Co, TN

Bronx, New York City, NY

Brownstown, Fayette Co, IL

Brownsville, Haywood Co, TN

Buffalo Hart, Sangamon Co, IL

Burget's Corner, Clinton Co, IN

Burke Co, NC

Butler, Wayne Co,NY

Butler Township, Wayne Co,NY

Butner, Seminole Co, OK