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Between the Rivers One-Place Study

Lyon  Trigg  // Stewart

Kentucky // Tennessee

Click here for website

Between the Rivers

Glenn Cox

Bleidt, Blue Spring, Carmack, Energy, Fenton, Ferguson Springs, Fort Henry, Golden Pond, Ironton, Ladys Spring, Model, Pine Bluff, Pottertown, Tharpe, Woodson Chapel





Sep 1 2015



‘Between The Rivers’ is a region in Western Kentucky and Tennessee lying between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. For almost 150 years, the Between The Rivers area was home to hundreds of families who lived in a stable, close-knit culture with schools, industry, and infrastructure.



But in the 1940's-60’s, the US Government took over Between The Rivers to develop a National Recreation Area.  The families were forced to leave their homeland and were widely dispersed.

Despite frequent reunions and social networking, the Between The Rivers culture has been lost. A more detailed history of Between the Rivers can be found on the website.

This one-place study was started with the goal of honouring the memory of the families that lived in Between The Rivers.