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Eastern Sangamon One-Place Study



Eastern Sangamon County Townships

The purpose of this study is to capture the people and the events of these eastern townships of Sangamon County, Illinois. These are rural townships that all begin with the passage of the 1881 Township Organization Law. The first land owners arrived before that date. We will attempt to trace their arrival and expand that to all whom we discover who came to the area and trace to current time.

This project is in conjunction with the newly formed [named soon] Historical Society (March 2015).

Sandy Barnett

Townships of: Buffalo Hart, Mechanicsburg, Illiopolis, Cooper, Lanesville

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Apr 10 2015

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Illiopolis

© Randy Von Liskl and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Licence

Sandy Barnett has been doing genealogical research professionally since 2008. Her ancestry comprises Irish, English, Swiss, German and French. Most arrived America in colonial times.

Sandy has extensive experience with many types of research and holds a MA in Clinical Psychology from University of Illinois-Springfield. Before becoming a genealogist, Sandy taught at the junior college level various psychology classes, and document formatting and production, Microsoft Suite, and Introduction to Microcomputers. Her father was a self-made man born to a single mother in 1901. Her mother was a career woman who quit her career in the 1950s to raise Sandy. She has travelled throughout the United States and currently lives just outside of Springfield, Illinois in Buffalo, Illinois.

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