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Fayette County One-Place Study



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Fayette County

Exploring the early settlers and their descendants in Fayette County, Illinois.

The study covers the whole of Fayette County including the following cities, townships and villages:

               Friends of Fayette County

Genealogical Society

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Aug 18 2015

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Lisa Hammon

Friends of Fayette County Genealogical Society

We are a dedicated group who support the work of the tireless researchers and family historians of Fayette County who, over the years, have provided the building blocks with which our own family trees have been constructed. Our goal is to use digital resources and social media to advance the current work of the Fayette County Genealogical Society and support their efforts in as many way as possible.

• Pope

• Ramsey

• Sefton

• Seminary

• Shafter

• Sharon

• South Hurricane

• St Elmo

• St Peter

• Vandalia

• Wheatland

• Wilberton

• Avena

• Bear Grove

• Bingham

• Bowling Green

• Brownstown

• Carson

• Farina

• Kaskaskia

• LaClede

• Lone Grove

• Loudon

• North Hurricane

• Otego