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Lyons Township One-Place Study


New York


Lyons Township

Harry Field

Town of Lyons





Apr 18 2017


Wayne County New York has fifteen townships. In 1880 Lyons Township had the largest population of 6,500, and town of Lyons 6,000. Lyons Township had the Wayne County poorhouse and asylum.

The route of the Erie Canal built in 1825 went through the township and the town of Lyons. In 1860 the predecessor New York Central Rail Road went through the township and the town. Roads for wagons were not numerous until 1860s. Farmers were making butter and cheese and growing wheat. Commerical butter and cheese manufacturing began in the 1870s.

Farmers began growing Peppermint in large amounts in the late 1860s. They began extracting peppermint oil from the leaves, using steam boilers on their own property. They were making deal of money from the oil. Three times the money they got from selling their normal farm crops. Peppermint oil was being used in making patent medicine in 1860 to 1900s.

There was a large number of German families in the township. And a very large number of families, over 60 families settled from Alsace-Lorraine, France.