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Sandy Grove One-Place Study


South Carolina

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Sandy Grove

Sandy Grove was a small township that first appeared in the 1860 Census of Clarendon County. It was in the northeastern part of the county near the Williamsburg County line.

It appears that the town was a part of Williamsburg County when it first appeared. The first postmaster that I was able to find was William H McElveen on June 22 1858. At this time it is listed in the Williamsburg post offices but has a note that says some lots were now in the Sumter District. The next postmaster is John E McElveen on June 10 1859 and the next to it it says "in Clarendon District". The post office remains in Clarendon County until July 1898 when it appears to have been combined into the Mouzon post office in Williamsburg County.

Kathleen Parker






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Sep 23 2017


The town of Sandy Grove appears in the United States Census from 1860 until 1940. As more census information is made available, I will be able to see if it remained after that. In all census records it is listed in Clarendon County. On the enumeration maps, Sandy Grove appears as the northeastern most point on the map of Clarendon County.

Currently the area that was Sandy Grove is called Hebron Crossroads.