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Fannin County One-Place Study



Fannin County

Fannin County lies along the famed Red River and was once part of the original Red River County created after Texas declared Independence from Mexico. Fannin County, was carved out of Red River County prior to statehood on 14 Dec 1837 along with 39 other north Texas counties.

Texas was first an independent nation before becoming a constituent state of the United States. On 29 Dec 1845, Texas joined the United States as the 28th state although the transfer of government did not occur until 19 Feb 1846.

Fannin County was named for James Walker Fannin Jr.. The county seat of Bonham, is named for James Butler Bonham. Both of these men died in the War for Texas Independence.

Suzie Henderson

Bonham, Dodd City, Ector, Ladonia, Leonard, Ravenna, Savoy, Trenton*






Oct 8 2013


*The largest towns in Fannin County have been listed but the study covers the whole county (over 90 towns in total) with the exception of Honey Grove and Windom which are covered by the Honey Grove One-Place Study