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Honey Grove One-Place Study



Honey Grove

The Honey Grove Preservation League is a volunteer group that believes that the history of Honey Grove and surrounding communities deserves to be preserved for current citizens and future generations.

Extract from “Honey Grove - The City Beautiful: Some Interesting Information for Those Who Are Interested” c.1907:

 HONEY GROVE is the second commercial town in the county, and we would claim it was the first, only we fear our neighbor town, Bonham, might claim we were endeavoring to inflate our egotism.  Be that as it may, we are content in the belief that, proportionately speaking, we are second to none in the Lone State State.  The city now has a population of 3750 people and is admirably located on a charming plateau, twenty-two miles from Paris, sixteen miles from Bonham (the county seat), forty-two miles from Sherman, and eighty miles from Dallas.  The city has superb natural advantages, abounds in fine building sites, commands a beautiful view of the surrounding prairie and its accompanying woodlands, by which it is half circled.  The eye glances through leagues of corn, cotton, oats, wheat and woodland into dim perspective, now and then striking pretty suburban farms and houses, each with its retinue of of fruitful orchards, vineyards and gardens, groves and grass lawns, lending practical and aesthetical interest to the situation.  The streets are mapped out on a scale that impresses one with a gratifying sense of leisure and amplitude.


Honey Grove Preservation League






Oct 19 2013


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Malinda Allison


 Upward of one hundred business houses and public buildings are solidly constructed of brick and stone, and the public and private architecture of the city is in pleasing contrast with that of the antique towns of this and other states.